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The Physics of Baseball

The Physics Of Baseball
SF Giants Pre-game Show (June 2003)

Science of Home Runs
PBS Jim Lehrer's Newshour (July 2007)

Out of the Park-The Physics of Baseball
from KQED's Quest Show (June 2007)
Teacher's Guide - Physics of Baseball (pdf)

Giants Fantasy Camp 2014

For my Fantasy Camp buddies (and anyone else interested), here's the video my wife Ellyn shot at various times during camp. The first link below is for Hi-res video. The second link is for slower internet connections.

If anyone would like an HD-DVD version, just email me, Pablo, at and I'll send it to you.

  1) (42min, Hi-res, 1.2 GB)
  2) (42min, 482.8 MB)

More Links...

  Anatomy of a Homer
Babe Ruth
Anatomy of a Pitch

Vertical Drop Chart

   What's Inside a MLB Baseball? (

Bat-Ball Collisions
See what 5000 frames/second looks like - pretty amazing!

   Testing Baseballs--Are They Juiced? (Wired Science Video)

   Time Warp - Baseball Bat

David Kagan's Baseball Website
Understanding Coefficient of Restitution-v2 (pdf)
The Effect of Humidors on Baseballs (pdf)
What Is the Best Launch Angle To Hit a Home Run? (pdf)
"The Anatomy of a Pitch: Doing Physics with PITCHf/x Data" (pdf)  
"Pitch Physics to Your Students Using PITCHf/x Data" (pps)
Happy/Sad Balls and the Trampoline Effect (pdf)

Negro League Baseball
The story of young Cam Perrin and his efforts to bring recognition to players long forgotten in the Negro League Baseball of decades past.



 Ode to Candlestick
      My family had many memories at Candlestick Park. The joyous wins, the not so joyous losses. Pablo's tailgates, the loyal and friendly fans, the sunny days, tempered by the occasional chilly evenings. Chasing Matt Williams batting practice balls, watching Barry delight the fans in the left field bleachers. The sobering 1989 Earthquake Series, when baseball took a rare back seat. Proposing to Ellyn on the Jumbotron, short-lived but exhilarating post season of 1997. The emotional day when the Giants played their last game there in 1999 and they dug-up home plate and flew it via helicopter to the new but yet completed Pac Bell Park - to it's new home. In this photo my son David and I are toasting Candlestick at the last game ever played there December 23, 2013. David treated me to the game - which turned out to be quite treat in itself, as the 49ers somehow came back from a large deficit in the 4th quarter and miraculously won the game. A fitting tribute to a wonderful ball park.


The lights go out on Candlestick Park

The greatest photos ever taken at Candlestick Park

Ball parks of baseball - Candlestick Park

Put Me in Coach!--The Physics of Baseball
This is a PDF of a PPT presentation. The email and web site links
will not work when clicked on, but can be copied from the PDF.

Using Pitch FX to Teach Physics (pps)
presented by Paul Robinson at the Pitch FX Summit, July 11, 2009

Unraveling the Scientific Secrets of the Elusive 'Splash Hit' (SF Chronicle)
Barry Bonds Floats Their Boats (NY Times)
Splash Hits (MLB Site)
Barry's Landmark Homers (MLB Site)
Bonds' Milestone Moment, 756th Homer (USA Today Video)
Analysis of Barry Bonds' Record-Breaking Home Run (Alan M. Nathan)

"How to Hit Home Runs" by Mont Hubbard, UC Davis (pdf)
Pitch Fx Blog by Dr. Pepper
Science of Baseball Website--Exploratorium
Sportvision--High Speed Video Tracking Systems
NASA Simulation on Curveballs
The Physics of Baseball by Rod Cross
Randy Johnson's No-Fly Zone
Which is Better, Running or Sliding Into First Base?


Price of a ticket in our seats about $75. Season tickets, about $12,000.
Photo with the best wife and dog a man ever had--priceless!
VIDEO -- Giants 2010 World Series Champions Parade by Alyssa Royce
PHOTOS -- FanFest, February 5, 2011

The biggest Trophy of All

The best Wife

Check out this letter from 1950 regarding the signing
of Mays to the NY Giants. How Times Have Changed!

Will "The Thrill" Clark meets Rocky Balboa

Bill Neukom, SF Giants GM - Ellyn & Rocky - Paul

"Why I Should Attend a Luncheon with Giants Managing Partner Bill Neukom" (pdf)
Bill Neukom, San Mateo Bearcat, Class of 1959 (Bearcat News video)

Paul and legendary Giants slugger, Willie McCovey

Just For Fun ...

       As Ball Dude for the Giants, I was invited to be part of the World Series Victory Parade. Ellyn--now that's another story! Here's the Parade!

       Paul Robinson has a career weekend at AT&T Park where we snags a grounder as Ball Dude on August 29th, Giants vs. Brewers, and then makes a nice catch in the stands at the game on the next day. Kruk and Kuip call both plays. Here's the Video!

       Here's another episode of Paul Robinson, Ball Dude, this time going for "Ball Dude of the Year" honors (title bestowed in jest by Mike Krukow during his game commentary) on August 24th, 2013, SF Giants vs. Pittsburgh Pirates. Watch the Video!

       So you think you want to be a ball dude? It's not as easy as it looks, as you see here on Wednesday June 17th against the Angels and again on Saturday June 20th vs the Rangers. Checkout Game Video
       OK, so I'm no Will Clark--but did I really deserve to be on the "Not the Top Ten Plays" on SportCenter (I'm #3)?
Checkout SportCenter Video

"Together We're Giant" pre-game scoreboard video

Tribute to Duane Kuiper's First (and only) Home Run

       Brian Robinson as Lord Voldemort at Turner Field, May 2, 2014,
Home of the Atlanta Braves (HD)

Here's what Noah Joseph "NoJo" Robinson is thinking ...

       My son, Brian, and his bride, Tamar, rode around the ball park with Lou Seal at Monday's game (5/25/09). Checkout the Video

Baseball vs Football
George Carlin's classic

Who's On First?
Abbott & Costello's all time classic (1953)